Kleinkrantz Childcare and Youth Development Centre

The Kleinkrantz centre has been running since 2007 and over 60 children are looked after by 8 staff in Creche, Grade R and Afterschool care. The centre also helps with other youth development projects, like swimming courses, Friday evening programs, soccer, and netball. Since the establishment of the centre in Kleinkrantz children have improved in their schooling and social and moral behaviour.

Lancewood Creche and Afterschool Care Center

The centre in Lancewood is still in its beginning stages and apparently we can’t offer a continuing service due to lack of finances, staff and volunteers. The Creche and Grade R is situated in the Lancewood Primary school and the aftercare takes place at the Kula Malaika Life Skills Training Farm. We are currently looking after about 30 children.

Life Skills Training Farm

The farm was purchased in 2010 with the aim to fulfil Kula Malaika’s vision. We have place for six students aged between 16 and 25 years who are from previous disadvantaged communities. It does not matter if they dropped out of school or did matriculate, as long as they can read and write, know basic maths, don’t take drugs and are willing to work, learn and follow certain rules, they are welcome to become part of our family on the farm. We believe that each person has been given a gift or talent by our creator and that given the chance they can tap into that gift and fulfil their God-given purpose for this life.

The students help on the farm with the vegetable gardening and animal husbandry, and they learn different skills such as working with wood, crafting, jewellery-making and sewing in various workshops, and in the café and craft shop. We celebrate their birthdays together and festivities like Christmas and Easter. Once we have figured out where the young person’s passion lies, we try to organise further education. After a couple of months on the farm the young people are well equipped to face life and, knowing they can achieve anything if they trust in God, work hard and follow their passion.

A lot of young people these days in South Africa don’t have this opportunity as they have to fight for survival every day or get stuck in drugs and crime. The Life Skills Training Farm is making a difference. The Café, Craft Shop and the selling of home produce help to sustain the farm projects.


The basis of our work is the Christian believe and the life of Jesus being an example for integrating love and tolerance into our own lives. We want to communicate these values through our own work and example without forcing our believe onto the children.